Electronic Price Computing Scale

Model : Q7POS4W
Approx. Price :
Code : POS04
This scale is an artwork that brings in line a slim silhouette design with a trapezoidal platform shape. Its black soft-rubber feet emphasize stability and show the groundedness of our bright series that are all part of a harmonized color and industrial design integration of housing, keyboard, display, and plate and feet architecture.

Technical Specifications :

Item Code Q7POS4W
Capacity 30kg x 5g
Pan Size 320x220 mm
Dimension 400x340x450 mm
Printing Speed 90mm/s
Paper Width 58 mm
Main Display Negative LCD green display
Customer Display Negative LCD green display
Number of Keys 38 Functional keys ,40x2=80 hot key pad
Number Of PLU 10000
Memory 2 MB
Processor MIPS4K
Battery 6V 10ah (optional)
Slandered Interface 1 USB, RJ45 LAN, RJ11 Cashbox, RS232
Optional Interface WIFI
Application Software PLU, Sales man, VIP customer Management, and reports
Web, Mail Application Through GPOS cloud application PLU, Stock, purchase, sales and stock Repo
Material of Construction Fully ABS, Pan SS
Net Weight 4.4 Kg
Gross Weight 6 kg
Box Dimension 520x490x200 mm

Specifications :

Capacity Accuracy Platter Size Platter MOC
15 kg 2 g 320x220mm Stainless Steel
30 kg 5 g 320x220mm Stainless Steel