Low Profile Stainless Steel Platform Scale with Ramp

Part Code : PWS-09
Approx. Price : 106500.00
Our company has established itself as one of the leading weighing scale manufacturers of Stainless-Steel Platform Weighing Scale as the raw material used by us in the manufacturing of the same is of a very premium standard which meets the international standard as well as we are not solely dependent on indigenous steel rather, we use imported stainless in the machines manufactured by us. Our weighing scales have made a firm presence in the market because of their premium quality coupled with efficiency.
We offer varied ranges of Ramp Platform Weighing Scale which can meet the requirement of our clients and fit best in the frame of value for money.

The stainless-steel scales Samurai STIP series are ideal for weighing in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The small ramp allows easy driving on the scale. As standard, the balance is delivered space with a ramp. Here, optionally, at the other end of the scale, a cross-over backup to be installed which prevents overshooting of the scale. A second optional ramp allows a complete driving through the material to be weighed. Especially for weight determination of small mobile containers this platform scale is ideal. The raised sides of the weighbridge prevent slipping of the sample. Use the numeric keypad, a tare weight (known weight of roll containers) can be entered so that the balance indicates only the actual weight. The combination of the weighing platform with the balance display STIP is intended for advanced weighing applications in verifiable and non-verifiable area.

The platforms are equipped with four high-quality load cells. The display device STIP with large 50 mm display is responsible for the clear weight determination and summing the weighing results. The tare is executed over the entire measurement range

Technical Specification :

  • Stainless steel weighing platform with 1 or 2 ramps
  • Low profile design
  • Balance display in a plastic housing with 50mm Green LED
  • Weighing area 1000 X 1000mm
  • Weighing area height is 45-50mm from the ground label
  • Material movement will be 1000mm side
  • Pole is not attach to the platform
  • Single side ramp 1000 X 300mm
  • Platter will be welded one, since single sheet not available
  • Only distributed /even load should be applied on the platform
  • High tensile alloy steel load cell High tensile alloy steel load cell
  • Auto sleep/power down function to save battery life

Application :

  • Pharma Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Chemical Industries

Size to Suit Customer Application

Technical Specification :

Capacity (kg.) Accuracy (g) Platform Size Ramp Size
300 kg 50 g 1000x1000mm 1000x300mm
500 kg 50 g 1000x1000mm 1000x300mm
1000 kg 100 g 1000x1000mm 1000x300mm
2000 kg 200 g 1000x1000mm 1000x300mm