Low Profile Weighing Scale with two side ramp

Part Code : - FWS-07
Approx. Price: - 225000.00
Electronic weighing balance
Samurai Technoweigh India offers both, low profile and portable scales for applications where required. The platform’s ultra-low profile simplifies the job of moving loads onto and off the scale quickly, safely, and easily. Optional ramps are available to eliminate the need for lifting loads onto the platform. We have done deep research on the usage of the machine and have designed it in a manner which is very user friendly. The machine is easily portable and can be used easily for the industrial usages. This weighing scale comes with the feature of trolley weighment system which weighs the trolley and offers the movement of the object to be weighed.

Feature :

  • Frame Work Stainless Steel
  • Platter Stainless Steel
  • Load Cell 4 No. Single handed Shear Beam
  • Load Cell Type Tool Steel IP-67
  • Junction Box
  • Display Green LED
  • Weighing Area 1200 X 1200mm
  • Weighing Area Height is 45-50mm from the ground label
  • Material Movement will be 1200mm side
  • Pole is not attach to the platform
  • Single side Ramp 1200 X 300mm
  • Platter will be welded one, since single sheet not available
  • Only Distributed /Even load should be applied on the platform

Application :

  • Pharma Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Trolley Weighment

Technical Specifications :

Capacity (kg.) Accuracy (g) Load Cell Platform Size (mm) Frame Platter
500 100 Tool Steel 1000x1000 | 1200x1200 Mild Steel MS Chequered
500/1000/1500 100 | 100 | 200 Tool Steel 1000x1000 | 1200x1200 Mild Steel MS Chequered
2000/3000/5000 500 | 500 | 1000 Tool Steel 1500x1500 | 1800x1800 Mild Steel MS Chequered

Options :

  • In-built RS-232 Interface
  • Kg to Letter conversion
  • Check Weighing
  • Remote display (pole/wall Mounting)
  • Green Display LED
  • Two color Tower lamps (Red & Green color)