Tubular Hanging Scales

Part Code : HS10
Approx. Value : 350000.00 INR

Main Technical Data :

Accuracy Standard According to OIML class III
Display LCD with backlight
Wireless Distance Up to 200mm without obstacle
Filtering Low, Medium or High selectable
Resolution 2000 to 3000 division standard up to 15000 available
Zero Range Auto/Manual setting, from 4% to 100%F.S
Tare Range 100% F.S.
Overload Indication 100% F.S. + 9e
Max. Safety Load 125% F.S.
Ultimate Load 700% F.S.
Battery Type Fully sealed Lead-Acid battery, 6V/5Ah
Battery Size DC 6V/4Ah rechargeable Ni-H battery
Indicator Battery DC 7.2V/2.8Ah rechargeable Ni-H battery
Battery Charger Input : AC 100-240V 50/60hz Output: 850mA
Printer Standard parallel print interface (EPSON Printer)
Operating Temperature Range -20°C ˷ +50°C
Operating Humidity ≤85% RH under 20℃
Radio Frequency 433MHz

Features :

Enclosure Seamless steel pipe extruded for maximum protection.
Multi-weighing units Kg, lb are selectable, kg is default unit.
Multi-function operation Tare, Zero, Auto zero tracking, Total, Hold, Overload warning and record, operated through infrared remote controller
User-friendly design Large red 5-digit LED display (digit height 30mm), Battery Operated with low battery indication, Automatic turn off, power-saving function
Gravity regulation The acceleration of gravity can be regulated through remote controller according to different places value
Multi options RS-232-continuous or on demand data output, user-selectable. Wireless big screen 3″, 5″, wireless indicator 180, 280, 380, 580 can match with the scale, user-selectable

Features :

  • Steel plate with heat-resistant material inside
  • Seamless steel pipe enclosure for maximum protection
  • Manu operation mode, calibration, saving, searching, printing easy to operate
  • Indicator Adopts ∑-∆A/D conversion technology
  • Able to setup zero (auto/manual) range, filtering range
  • Weighing data save protection in case of power off
  • Battery charger with several protection modes to extend life of rechargeable battery
  • Standard RS232 communication interface (optional)
  • Portable design, indicator packed in portable carry case, easy to operate outdoor
  • Gathering up to data records of 2000 weighing, records can be sorted, searched and printed
  • Power saving mode, indicator will turn off automatically after 30 minutes with no operation
  • With 32 channels optional, so 32 crane scales can operated independently in the same air place without interface

Min Distance between Scale and High Temperature :

1000°c 1200°c 1400°c 1600°c
1.6m 1.8m 2m 2.2m

Dimensions and Specifications :

Cap.kg Resolution(kg) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) H(mm) N.W(kg) G.W. (kg)
20000 10 260 420 90 435 1055 120 145
30000 10 285 560 110 560 1140 200 240
50000 20 360 750 160 670 1680 550 620

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