Water Proof Table Top Scale

Model : DS-673
Approx. Value : 13500.00 INR
Code : TWS-04
Samurai Technoweigh India firmly believes in the perfection and the premium quality standard. The offered machine is a unique in its own type as it waterproof. The machine has the capability of functioning well if the water gets splashed over it. The machine has a very compact design and it has undergone several tests under our lab to ensure the perfect functioning of the machine.
With strength, performance and intuitive features, the Samurai Table top scale emerges victorious in washdown setting

Application :

  • Retail industry
  • Food Industry
  • Logistics
  • Hospitality

Key features :

  • Function key: FN, Units, Tare, Zero, On, off
  • Fast and stable weighing response
  • Straight weighing mode
  • Check weighing HI-OK-LO function
  • Multiple weighing units available
  • Charging status and low battery
  • Display: 15mm RED display
  • Rechargeable battery 6V/4.5Ah for 100 hours continuous use
  • Power supply: Input AC 100V-240V, Output 8V/1Amp
  • Platter: Stainless Steel Size 210x175mm
  • Products Size :300mmx230mmx160mm
  • Adjustable levelling feet help optimize setup
  • Color-coded keys facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons
  • Lightweight design simplifies transport and portability
  • Solid ABS housing is durable for industrial use
  • Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components

Software :

  • Audible overload alarm warns when capacity is exceeded
  • External calibration allows for verification and adjustment with weights

Features :

  • Easy to clean
  • High performance
  • Rusting proof
  • Water resistant

Technical Specifications :

Capacity(kg) Readability (g) Weight Platter Size Platter MOC Frame MOC
3kg I 6kg I 15kg I 30kg 0.5g I 1g I 2g I 5g 4kg 210 x 175mm Stainless Steel ABS Plastic