Fully Stainless Steel Floor Weighing Scales

Part Code : FWS-05
Approx. Value : 45500.00 INR
The most flexible series of scales, offering multiple configurations to suit a variety applications
Samurai Stainless steel platforms are durable industrial scales that are used to weigh heavy or oversized objects on a warehouse floor.
Ideal for weighing food products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or mining materials, the Samurai floor stainless steel platform features is against water and dust. Dust-proof and waterproof load cells are sealed
An easy-to-clean grade 304 stainless steel pan can tolerate frequent washing, while the sleek brushed surface helps prevent the accumulation of food and dirt particles. The reinforced frame beneath the platform provides strength and support.
The Samurai stainless steel platform can be paired with an STIP indicator to provide enhanced features and functions such as dynamic animal weighing used for weighing livestock and check weighing for ensuring product standardisation.
High precision waterproof stainless steel weighing indicator with extra-large LCD display.

Features and functions :

  • Function Keys: Tare x 2, Units, Net/Gross, Print, Zero, On, Off
  • Straight weighing mode, Counting Function, Check Weighing HI-OK-LO Function, Multiple Weighing Units Available
  • Power on Zero-tracking, Auto Calibration, Auto-Power off mode, Digital Noise Filter, Full Tare, Accumulation Memory, Programmable Capacity and Division, Low Battery Indicator and Charging Status Indicator

Specification :

  • Display: 40mm LCD display with LED backlit
  • Rechargeable battery 6V/5Ah for 120 hours continuous use
  • Power supply: Input AC 100V-240V, Output 12V/1A
  • Operating Environment -10 degree to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Product size: 237mm x 147mm x 69mm
  • Load cell: Up to 4 x 3500-ohm minimum resistance
  • Display/Internal resolution: 30,000/600,000
  • Splash-proof housing, keypad and display mean easy to be cleaning
  • Wall-mount bracket for placing on vertical surface
  • External calibration allows for verification and adjustable with weights
  • Auto power-off to save energy

Platform scale features :

  • Rugged 304 Stainless Steel tube frame construction suitable for industrial environment
  • Large grade 304 Stainless steel pan allows easy cleaning
  • Rugged construction stands up to industrial use
  • Lightweight design simplifies transport and portability
  • Adjustable non-slip feet for leveling
  • Selectable digital filtering helps minimize effects of vibration and disturbances
  • Splash-proof housing, keypad and display mean easy cleaning
  • Approximately three-meter/10-foot shielded cable
  • Four no. shear beam load cells
  • Rigid stainless-steel channel frame

Technical Specifications :

Capacity (kg.) Accuracy (g) Load Cell Platform Size (mm) Frame Platter
500 100 | 200 Tool Steel 1000x1000 | 1200x1200 Mild Steel MS Chequered
500/1000/1500 100 | 100 | 200 Tool Steel 1000x1000 | 1200x1200 Mild Steel MS Chequered
2000/3000/5000 500 | 500 | 1000 Tool Steel 1500x1500| 1800x1800 Mild Steel MS Chequered