Precision Tunig-Fork Balances

Part Code : TCS-04
Approx. Price : 45670.00 INR
The MMTS (Mono-Metal Tuning-fork Sensor) realizes high performance, solid noise resistance, rapid response, and a steady display with little flickering. Moreover, its energy-saving design and simple structure result in excellent long-term stability and outstanding durability. Tuning-fork Sensor technology that keeps evolving for high performances from super- precision balances. Our innovative design curves the front of the control panel to offer a compact body without compromising ease of operation. Users can select from 3 modes (weight, unit count, and percentage) and from 12 units of weight.

Key features :

  • Weight units : g, ct, oz, lb, ozt, dwt, GN, tl
  • Comparator function : Users can tell at a glance whether a load is too heavy, too light, or the right weight according to the upper/lower limits they preset
  • Bar graph display : A 20-step bar graph displays readily the current load's weight against the capacity.
  • RS-232C interface (standard feature) : This interface allows users to connect the balance with a computer or print out data with our CSP-160/CSP-240 printers
  • Simple is the Best : This is the basic concept of ViBRA AJ series. Simple, but profound scope for wide measurement fields. Laboratory, factory, jewelry shops, etc. ViBRA AJ series is always the simplest & the best solution for your needs.
  • Blight, White Back-light : Large LCD (16.5mm height) with blight & white back-light makes the weighing operation easy and comfortable even in the dark location.
  • Quick Response & Stable Indication : Quick response and stable indication are important feature in the precise weight measurement. The innovative tuning-fork sensor in ViBRA AJ series meets this demand and satisfies you.
  • Compact Housing, High Portability : The compact housing is one of the advantages of ViBRA AJ series. The space-saving design enables you to install it even in small space. Furthermore you can bring it everywhere you want with optional rechargeable battery.
  • Keep the Weighing Accuracy : The model with name AJ"H" has semi-automatic built-in calibration weight. You can easily calibrate the balance with built-in weight. It ensures the accurate and precise weighing operation.
  • Draft Windshield as Standard : The draft windshield is available as standard for 220g-620g capacity models. It realizes the ideal environment for precise weighing. It can be easily assembled by hands.
  • Density Measurement Kit Option : The density measurement kit can be available as option *no program to automatically calculate the density is installed in ViBRA AJ series. Just the kit as option.
  • Connection with Outside Devices : RS232C interface is installed as standard feature in every model of ViBRA AJ series. You can connect the balance to outside devices like PC.

Specification :

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan Size
AJ-220E I AJ-320E I AJ-420E I AJ 620E 220g I 320 I 420 I 620 0.001g Φ118mm
AJ-820E I AJ-1200E 820g I 1220 0.01g 170 × 142mm
AJ-2200E I AJ-3200E I AJ-4200E I AJ-6200E I AJ-8200E 2200g 0.01g 180 × 160mm